VETAS has been serving to packaging market for over 25 years and it has established its own 5.000 sqm closed facility in 2001 where the production is still being processed. VETAS has aimed at to maintain relationships with its customers and improve its quality through combining years of experiences on packaging industrywith innovation.

Our company has specialized on various segments of packaging such as printed and plain Polyethylene film, bags made of CPP, OPP, custom made punched out handle, patch handle and flexi loop handle bags, laminated bags, variguage carriers, gripseal bags, hanger bags, garment covers, shrink rolls, stretch films, Sealable Cpp – Bopp and PE bags, gift bags, home textiles packaging, plantation bags and bags for spare parts, plastic pipes, paneling and colorful waste sacks.

We have been exporting most of our production to countries in EU and Middle East.

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