Vetas Plastic is environmentally conscious thus one of our first priority is supplying environmentally friendly products to our customers in accordance with their needs. Our principle is always to save our planet, plants, water and nature, so we produce bio-degradable products by using Epi materials.

Vetas is also able to produce plastic retail bags that are completely edible materials. Please contact with us for special products.

Please find a mini introduction of Epi below;

EPI’s TDPA® provides a means for rendering conventional plastics degradable, and ultimately biodegradable, within a reasonable and controlled time-frame. TDPA® is added in small quantities (typically 2-3%) to the conventional plastic during the manufacturing process and allows totally degraded plastic products such as polyethylene carrier bags to biodegrade within 24 - 36 months, when disposed of in an appropriate environment.


TDPA® is added in typically small quantities of 2 to 3% to commodity resins (polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene) during the manufacture of finished plastic products, using standard manufacturing equipment and processes. It causes the plastic to degrade at a controlled rate when the plastic is exposed to photo (sunlight), thermal (heat) and/or mechanical stress and, in the case of polyethylene products (such as grocery, shopping and garbage bags), TDPA® causes the plastic to ultimately biodegrade.


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