Taşıma Torbası


Ürününüzü iç ve dış tehlikelerden korur. Sevk ve taşıma esnasında ürününüzün zarar görmesini engeller.

Heavy Duty sacks (HDS) is one of our most sold sacks in our company. HDS sacks are available in our stock whole time. This type of sack is more than advantageous compared to recycled carrier sacks in terms of its low thickness and high strength.

Stock size :60 Cm wide, 15+15 Side Gussets, 135 Cm long and 55 Micron Thickness. One of each bag weighs between 120 – 125 grams. We are also able to produce custom dimensions with any printing you wish for your sack. Usage areas: Textile Industry, Building materials, Waste products. Used Materials: Medium-Density Polyethylene (MDPE)

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