Wicketed bread bags are an ideal packaging solution for bakeries producing a diverse range of bread products, including soft loaves, rolls, bagels, crispy French sticks, toast breads, sliced breads, and traditional varieties like pita breads.

These bags are designed to offer convenience and efficiency in both automated high-speed loading and manual handling, as they remain securely in place on the wicket until removed. Made from a range of materials, including an environmentally friendly options such as in house clean recycled PE and sugarcane PE, these bags are not only strong and tear-resistant but also soft to the touch, ensuring durability without compromising on tactile quality.

The bags feature exceptional printing capabilities, supporting up to 8 colors with flexo printing, tailored to customer specifications for a visually appealing presentation. Available in a standard transparent color, with other color options possible, they are designed to enhance the visual appeal of the contents. Furthermore, these bags are odorless and can include half moon and star shaped ventilation holes.